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Females of Fall Sale

Join us Saturday, November 14 in Albany, WI for the second annual Females of Fall Red Angus sale. Preview cattle all day Friday and Saturday morning; lunch at Noon. Sale hosted by Shamrock Nook Red Angus, Johnson Family Cattle, Hornung Red Angus, and Welsh Prairie Red Angus.

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RAAA Number: 3736101 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: March 28, 2017
Sire: HXC Declaration 5504C 
Dam: Huston Dance 2013Z
Here’s a picturesque female with a beautiful udder and wedge-shaped, feminine build. Her highly productive dam is a no-miss cow! In fact, she’s a maternal sister to our all-time high selling female that sold to the Ballinger Family in Texas. At side is a super nice heifer calf by Falcon with some smokin’ EPDs. All the homework is done – no virtual learning here! Sells open, ready to breed or flush. View video

JFCC Dance 964

RAAA Number: 4071762 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: February 22, 2019
Sire: 3SCC Domain A163 
Dam: JFCC Dance 764
This heifer is straight out of our replacement pen. Her dam is a model cow with a fantastic udder, exceptional fleshing ease and unmatched eye appeal. This daughter, by the breed’s most popular bull, will be no different. Just like mama, she’s deep, docile and good looking with big-time genetic value! Being A.I. bred to Merlin 018A, the breed’s #2 registration sire, means she’ll hit the ground running with her first calf. View video

JFCC Tarmily 948

RAAA Number: 4172088 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: January 11, 2019
Sire: Bieber Rollin Deep Y118 
Dam: DFRA Tarmily N512

SALE FEATURE! JFCC Tarmily 948 is a direct daughter of the famous Tarmily, sired by Rollin Deep. She combines the pedigree power we strive for, with a powerful yet elegant phenotype. Due early to the #1 bull in the breed, Domain, this heifer is a tremendous genetic package! View video

JFCC Tarmily 049

RAAA Number: 4284777 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: January 1, 2020
Sire: LSF SRR Takeover 5051C
Dam: DFRA Tarmily N512
This Tarmily daughter reminds us a lot of her donor dam - extremely complete and sound. Sired by the popular bull nicknamed “Beartooth,” here’s one of the last opportunities to buy a direct daughter of the great Tarmily. She will make an outstanding cow for her new owner. View video

JFCC Andrea Ann 653

RAAA Number: 3534538 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: February 8, 2016
Sire: Bieber Rollin Deep Y118 
Dam: Beaver Brook Phoenix 244P
653 is a deep-sided female that slicks off, has a good udder, milks well and is capable of raising a big calf. With a big-time pedigree, this young cow combines Bieber Rollin Deep and our Phoenix 244 donor. View video

JFCC Abigrace 895

RAAA Number: 4068888 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: August 19, 2018
Sire: HXC Declaration 5504C 
Dam: C-BAR Abigrace W9100
We were fortunate to buy a flush from Abigrace W9100, and she blessed us with 16 embryos which turned into 13 live calves. Talk about fertility! 895 will mature into a power cow, and if her first calf is any indication, she’s going to be a heck of a calf raiser! Her young bull calf combines two GENEX greats; the Domain x Declaration mating is nearly ideal. Sells open, ready to breed or flush. View video

JFCC Abigrace 894

RAAA Number: 4068886 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: August 18, 2018
Sire: HXC Declaration 5504C 
Dam: C-BAR Abigrace W9100
These full sisters are so similar it’s shocking, and their bull calves are peas in a pod. If you insist on Red Angus cattle that can grow and compete with black Angus, take a look at these two fall pairs. Not only are we offering a couple of outstanding young females, but the calves at side are herd bull quality. Sells open. View video


RAAA Number: 4071794 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: March 23, 2019
Sire: PIE Cowboy Up 5292 
Dam: Bieber Lass 241Y
Here’s a high-performance female that has the look of a great bull producer. Her dam was a donor at Bieber Red Angus. This is the kind of bred heifer that can make a guy look really smart. This female could be the sleeper of the sale! View video

JFCC Picabo 975

RAAA Number: 4131936 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: May 5, 2019
Sire: Damar Revengence D688 
Dam: Pado Picabo B431
Her dam was our pick of her calf crop from Pado Farms. Here’s a moderate framed, extremely complete female with a sound running gear and eye-catching style. As an added bonus, she sells bred to Domain. Have I mentioned I like that bull?! View video

JFCC Rachel 973

RAAA Number: 4071758 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: April 1, 2019
Sire: SLAC Supreme E6938 
Dam: SLGN Rachel 224Z
973’s dam is a direct daughter of Cowboy Cut, and she’s sired by the high selling bull at B&L Red Angus in 2018. Also, 973 is a maternal sister to Isaac’s successful show heifer of 2018, and the lot 1 heifer from the 2020 Females of Fall sale. She sells bred to Domain, which means her first calf will be a good one. View video

JFCC Stony 056

RAAA Number: 4237930 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: February 23, 2020
Sire: SRN Kodiak 1804 
Dam: SRN Stony 1808
Outstanding temperament; she’s been worked on by our 6- and 9-year old kids. From a first calf heifer purchased in the 2020 Females of Fall sale, back to a granddam with a 102 MPPA in the Shamrock Nook herd. She just needs a little feed and a good home. Halter broke and gentle. View video

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