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Online Fall Sale

Tuesday, October 30, 2018.
Thank you to the bidders and buyers in our 7th annual online sale.

Hosted by CW Cattle Sales

Lot 1 – JFCC Lucinda 858
RAAA Number:
3879653 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: 2/13/18
Hamley x Sakic
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The kids say I gave this heifer a dorky name. I don’t think it matters because she’s cool! Lucinda is long-fronted, hairy and big boned. I think she has potential to be a high-quality big heifer. Sometimes it’s cool to be a little dorky. At least I’ve tried to tell myself that over the years.


Lot 2 – JFCC Rachel 860
RAAA Number:
3879669 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: 2/15/18
Hamley x Cowboy Cut
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How about a kid broke show heifer that’s going to make a fantastic cow? Any takers? Our 7-year-old, Isaac, showed this heifer’s sister this summer and has been leading 860 all over the farm this fall. Her dam has consistently raised top end calves for us, and 860 has the look of an awesome brood cow in the making. The homework is done here, this is a smart buy.


Lot 3 – Bieber Toryanna 317W
RAAA Number:
1311654 (View pedigree)
LCC Field Day x Straight Arrow
Sells with heifer calf at side, born 10/1/18.
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The photo says it all. She’s a big-middled, cool fronted, sound-made female with good feet and a nice udder. And she comes with a coupon at side – a fancy heifer calf by our Evolution x Mimi W085 son. The calf could easily pay for the whole family!


Lot 4 – Pado Bella A302
RAAA Number:
1665374 (View pedigree)
Hamley x DBR Gravity
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Here’s a nice Hamley daughter in the prime of her life. Her calves are always at the top of the calf crop for style and look. She sells bred to the performance powerhouse HXC Declaration. I like this mating a lot; it combines power and pretty.


Lot 5 – JFCC Johnny Ringo 851 (bull)
RAAA Number:
3879671 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: 1/21/18
Doc Holliday x 2013Z Donor
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Old school cattle breeders say the best way to add the influence of a great cow is by using her best son. Sired by the rare and valuable Doc Holliday, and out of our great 2013Z donor, this bull represents pedigree excellence. This is 2013Z’s natural calf and he’s a beast. I’m running out of room in the comments section. Call me for more details, but rest assured, this bull is worth the chips.


Lot 6 – Johnson Relevant 859 (steer)
AAA Number:
19203954 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth:
HA Relevant x
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We’re not a fuzzy baby calf factory, nor are we known for selling steers. However, this is one darn good breed steer. Big topped, big boned and nicely proportioned, I think 859 is going to be a force to be reckoned with as a fat. I guarantee Isaac won’t let me sell one like this after he’s old enough to show a steer. Here’s your chance!


Autumn Gold

November 1 at Show Circuit Online
A great set of maternal bred show heifer and cow prospects will be offered.

Hosted by Show Circuit

JFCC Blossom 866
RAAA Number:
3879659 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: 3/1/18
Redemption x Super Vision
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Check out the volume and capacity in this one! Here’s a daughter of the breed’s #1 registration sire, Redemption. Huge middled and easy keeping, she’s got cow written all over her.

JFCC Constance 873
RAAA Number:
3879679 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: 4/20/18
Meadow-West 414B x Stronghold
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Here’s the kind I like – a combination of good looks, a maternal pedigree and real-world performance. This heifer has the look to be a tremendous show heifer and has a real shot at making it into someone’s donor pen one day. Her granddam is our foundation cow, Millie 7M, a powerhouse of a cow. Enjoy this heifer in your show string, then be glad to add her genetic punch to your herd.


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