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Online Fall Sale

Save the date! Tuesday, October 30, 2018.
Additional Details Coming Soon.

Hosted by CW Cattle Sales

Lot 1 – Pado Bella A302
RAAA Number:
1665374 (View pedigree)
Hamley x DBR Gravity

Lot 2 – Bieber Toryanna 317W
RAAA Number:
1311654 (View pedigree)
LCC Field Day x Straight Arrow

Sells with heifer calf at side, born 10/1/18.

Lot 3 – JFCC Lucinda 858
RAAA Number:
3879653 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: 2/13/18
Hamley x Sakic

Lot 4 – JFCC Rachel 860
RAAA Number:
3879669 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: 2/15/18
Hamley x Cowboy Cut

Lot 5 – JFCC Johnny Ringo 851 (bull)
RAAA Number:
3879671 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: 1/21/18
Doc Holliday x 2013Z Donor

Lot 6 – Johnson Relevant 859
AAA Number:
19203954 (View pedigree)
Date of Birth: 2/15/18
HA Relevant x Brilliance

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